Roof Insurance Claims, Greenville, SC

We specialize in submission of roof insurance claims in Greenville, so we can help you with this process.

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Here in the Greenville, South Carolina area, we experience a variety of weather patterns that can damage your roof and require submission of roof insurance claims. During a heavy rainstorm, the water can seep through cracked or damaged roofing materials and cause significant damage to the building below. It can also destroy your personal possessions and result in mold growth, which is hard to eliminate. Hailstorms, which are common in this area, can also lead to destruction of the roof that is difficult to repair.

Roof Insurance Claims in Greenville, South Carolina

You can also keep an eye out for signs that your roof is in need of repair. Every so often, climb up to the upper level or attic and check the ceiling for water spots, dripping sounds, or patches of light that come through. If the damage occurred as the result of a storm, it is possible that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the replacement service. Our team at Reformed Exteriors specializes in submission of roof insurance claims, so we can help you with this process. We work with all types of local and national insurance providers and have extensive experience in submitting roof insurance claims for our customers in Greenville.

If your roofing repair or replacement is covered by your insurance, it can help you get a new roof at a much lower cost out of pocket. A brand new roof will protect your residential or commercial structure from damage, so call us today to get a free estimate and to find out whether your roof might be covered by insurance.