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Thinking of Selling? Exterior Remodeling Could be a Wise Choice

Pretty much every house ends up on the market eventually. Whether you are thinking of selling soon or decades from now, it is important to keep your home looking well-maintained. It is even better if you make renovations from time to time to increase its value and keep it looking "young." Exterior remodeling should be front and center in your mind as much as those kitchen and bath renovations you see on television all the time. The reason is simple - what will buyers see first? Yep, the exterior. That is super important because if the outside isn't up to par, they won't even make an appointment to tour the inside. So, what exterior remodeling projects should you consider making?

Replacement Windows - If you have old wood or single-pane windows, you'll want to consider this improvement, not just for resale value, but also so you and your family are more comfortable in your home. Get rid of those drafts and even lower your utility costs a bit. With nifty options like tilt-in function, you can even get make your life easier.

Siding Replacement - Many of the siding options that were popular years ago give a home a very dated look. Consider new siding that can transform the look of your home while providing increased insulation. Cedar siding is quite impressive, for example, although more maintenance-intensive. New vinyl siding or fiber cement siding can do wonders to improve the look of your home.

Roofing Replacement - It can be pretty annoying when your insurance company sends you a letter saying they want you to get your roof replaced in order to continue providing coverage. Beat them to the punch and get it done on your terms if your home's roof is nearing the end of its anticipated lifespan. With all the great new options available, this exterior remodeling project adds value to your home (buyers will always ask how old the roof is!) while avoiding water damage expenses.

These are just a few of the exterior remodeling projects we can handle for you at Reformed Exteriors. You can count on us for high quality at an affordable price, and a focus on professionalism throughout your project. Don't settle for a dated house; let us transform it for you!