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Roofing Tips After a Hail Storm

You hear the warnings that there is the potential for a hail storm and you quickly move your most fragile and costly items to safety. You put your car in the garage and your plants and outdoor furniture inside. The one thing you can't protect, unfortunately, is your home's roof. Not only is it unprotected, but it is a very large surface that can easily take hundreds of hits during a destructive hail storm. Here are some roofing tips for the steps you should take after a hail storm.

Start by inspecting your roof as soon as possible. Regular inspections are always a good idea, but it is imperative after severe weather. You want to catch any problems before you experience water damage. In addition, your insurance company will not process a hail storm roofing damage claim after their set statute of limitations. If you are uncomfortable with inspecting the roofing yourself, call a professional to do it for you. A few things you can look for without climbing on the roof are dents in the metal components, such as the caps and wind turbine, and if there are a lot of roofing granules in the gutters.

There is often confusion about which you should call first, your insurance company or a roofing contractor. It is usually a good idea to talk with a roofing company first so they can let you know if you actually do have damage and to what extent. The roofing company can be a great asset when dealing with the insurance adjuster so that your claim covers the right amount of repair or replacement materials.

If you have questions about your home's roofing, we welcome your call at Reformed Exteriors. Hail damage can often seem harmless, but if the hail has stripped off the granules that protect the underlayment and shingles themselves, they will fail and water damage will result. Let us go to bat for you so that your home's roofing can do its job to protect your home.