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Is it Time for Roofing Replacement

Are you in need of roofing replacement? When your roof is old and in disrepair, it makes good financial sense to have it replaced before further problems happen. Even though replacing your roof is expensive, it will cost you more money over time to let the job go undone. Your roof protects your home from the elements and provides insulation from the heat and the cold. When your roof needs to be replaced and you ignore it, problems can arise that are very expensive to fix and can result in significant damage.

Roofing replacement will protect your home from water damage. When your roof is worn out, water can get in. Water will rot and damage the wood on your roof and will also cause mold to grow. This can cause health problems for you and your family. Water damage can also damage the interior of your home. Water leaks can cause your home to flood and can damage your flooring, furniture, cabinets, sheet rock, and everything else in your home. The time and cost to replace the interior of your home can be astronomical.

When your roof is in need of repair, it will not insulate your home as well. You will probably notice your heating and cooling costs increase, especially in the warmer summer months and cooler winter ones. Roofing replacement can save you money every month by lowering your energy costs.

Contact us today at Reformed Exteriors for all your roofing replacement needs. We will send someone out to assess your roof and make sure that it in fact does need to be replaced. We will then schedule a time for replacement and provide you with a comprehensive quote.