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Hail Accounts for Many Roof Insurance Claims

You hear the weather report that hail is expected, and you quickly bring in your most fragile outdoor belongings and get your vehicles in the garage. But the one thing you can't prepare for is what that hail could do to your home itself. Many roof insurance claims are filed each year due to damaging hail storms.

The important thing to know is that roof insurance claims must be filed promptly. This means it is important to inspect the roof immediately after each storm. If you are not sure how to assess the situation, call a contractor who is familiar with hail damage, as well as working with roof insurance claims. It is also important to note that often hail damage is not severe enough to have created immediate leaks, but that doesn't mean it hasn't undermined the effectiveness of your home's roof. Only a professional will do for speaking frankly with the insurance adjuster to be sure your interests are handled properly.

Hail can damage any type of roof, including metal roofing, and it doesn't matter if your roof is one week old or 50 years old - it can still suffer damage. The last thing you want to do is end up paying for a new roof down the road when roof insurance claims are often handled easily after a storm and you won't be as lucky if you wait too long.

At Reformed Exteriors, we have experience working with insurance companies to resolve roof insurance claims. Call us even before you call them, and we'll assess the situation and then openly communicate with your insurance company to get you the proper roofing repair or replacement necessary. We can also help with siding and gutter damage.