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Can New Siding Installation Be Done Over Existing Siding?

There are three very good reasons why you might hope to have your new siding installation completed over your home's existing siding. First, you could gain added insulation, which can help control those heating and cooling costs for years to come. The second is to lessen the cost since there would be labor costs to remove the old siding and the expense of having the materials removed from the property. The third reason is to avoid the ecological issue of those materials being in a landfill.

Whether it can or should be done is a different matter. The answer is it depends. It depends on the condition of the existing siding and what the materials are presently in addition to what the new siding installation material is. The reason it is important to look at the current siding is to determine if there is any damage behind it. The last thing you want to do is further seal in a moisture or insect infestation problem. These should be addressed first so you don't end up having to have two layers of siding removed later. Another consideration is the siding installation mandates of the new siding. If it would void your warranty to have it installed over current siding, you will want to have that removed first.

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